The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (2024)

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Do you tend to reach for one outfit all the time in your closet? The same can be said for travel outfits. Our readers share their recommendations for the all time best travel outfits so you can feel comfortable and chic wherever you go. Find out what they said!

As you can guess from our name, we’re all about traveling fashionably while still staying comfortable and weather-appropriate. We’re also big on capsule wardrobes and packing minimally.

With this in mind, we asked our readers the ultimate question:

If you could only wear one outfit every single day for an entire trip, what would it be?

Here’s what our readers say are the best travel outfits:

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (1)

Cardigan | Top | Bag | Sunglasses | Earrings | Skirt | Lipstick | Flats

Feminine Chic

A sleeveless top, cardigan, black skirt, and ballet flats. I think that could be dressed up or down for most of my activities.”

If you prefer dresses and skirts to pants, this is a great travel outfit idea for summer or warmer spring and fall seasons. This type of outfit can easily be dressed up or down, so you can take it from day or night.

For cooler seasons, swap the sleeveless top for a sweater and add tights. Another reader recommended adding a scarf to this look for a pop of color or warmth.

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (2)

Backpack | Boots | Dress | Lipstick | Leggings | Necklace | Palette

Winter Romance

Merino wool dress or tunic, black leggings, necklace, and ankle boots.

When we envision strolling down the old cobblestone streets of Europe, we think of this outfit. There’s nothing more comfy and cozy yet chic and sophisticated as a dress with tights and boots.

Even if you don’t normally wear dresses, a merino tunic with leggings is a nice alternative, and is comfy enough for plane rides while stylish enough for a dinner at a nice restaurant.

For ankle boots, go for a flat heel if you plan on walking a lot, or a short heel for dressier occasions.

You can still pack your lightin a small suitcase even when you travel in winter by using packing cubes to compress your clothing as shown in this video!

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (3)

Hat | Jeans | Sunglasses | Bag | Top | Earrings | Sandals | Lipstick | Sunscreen | Cardigan

Beachside Casual

My distressed girlfriend jeans, a white or black tee, long open cardigan, and my flip flops!”

As much as dressing up is fun, there’s nothing better than jeans and a tee. Girlfriend jeans are the most comfortable jeans style. To keep from looking sloppy, go for a slimmer fitting tee.

When you’re by the beach or in locations like Florida or Southern California, take along a duster cardigan for warmth and flip flops for shoes.

And if you aren’t a fan of jeans, another reader recommended swapping denim pants for a maxi skirt.

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (4)

Top| Scarf | Longsleeve | Bag | Earrings |Leggings| Spray |Boots

Airplane Comfort

Comfy leggings, a soft material t-shirt, ankle boots, and my Icebreaker long-sleeve shirt layered over the t-shirt in case it gets cold.”

Planes are notoriously horrible in terms of temperature. Sometimes it’s freezing, while other times it’s stuffy and hot. This outfit is the perfect solution.

We recommend workout-type leggings, which help you keep a steadier body temperature. The t-shirt will keep you comfy if it gets warm. If it’s cold, layer with the long-sleeve shirt.

Ankle boots will keep your feet warm, too. For an easier trip through security, go for a slip-on or zip style bootie so you can quickly slip them on or off. Or, pull on some compression socks for comfort.

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (5)

Cardigan| Watch |Top|Earrings| Sunglasses | Shoes |Bag|Jeans

Sporty and Stylish

Jeans, a tee, a boyfriend cardigan, and Superga tennis shoes.”

So many readers recommended the ultimate three-piece outfit formula: jeans, a tee, and sneakers. One recommended black jeans with a white v-neck tee for classic sophistication. Or, go for more colorful options if you’re traveling to South America, Spain, or another location known for color.

When it gets cool, layer with a boyfriend cardigan or an open chambray button down top.

And for sneakers, we can’t get enough of Superga. White is perfect for a preppy style, while black or grey is great if you’re worried about getting them dirty.

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (6)

Bracelet | Sunglasses | Sandals | Dress | Lip Balm | Necklace |Bag

Fashion Meets Function

“If I had to choose just one outfit, I’d go for a simple black dress and Birkenstocks with my favorite leather fringe necklace.”

A black dress is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Black never goes out of style, and you can go longer without washing it. You can easily transform it with jewelry and scarves.

As for shoes, we love Birkenstocks! They’re the comfiest sandals with amazing support. There are so many styles, too, so there’s something for everyone.

The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (7)

Blouse | Coat | Scarf | Lipstick |Bag| Flats | Pants

Classic Sophistication

Black ankle-length pants, a white button down blouse, ballet flats, a trench coat and silk scarf.”

When you’re traveling to France or Italy, what better than to take a styling cue from Audrey Hepburn! A white-button down is always a classic option, and there are a number of non-ironing styles, too.

Another reader recommended this same outfit but swapped the flats for loafers and the black pants for dark skinny jeans.

What are your tips for the best travel outfits? Share in the comments below!

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The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (8)

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The 7 Best Travel Outfits According to Our Readers (2024)


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