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In the novel, Carrie has no friends; this translates to a life of torment from her peers. Among those who ridiculed Carrie was Chris, a girl who hated Carrie for existing. Chris’s enmity towards Carrie sets the stage for the disaster everyone experiences at the end of the story.

Carrie White

Carrietta White is the main character of the novel‘Carrie.’Carrie is a shy and lonely blond-haired girl with brown eyes. She is slightly overweight with a round face. Being a high school girl, Carrie experiences her first period. Because of a mentally unstable mother who did not teach her anything about menstruation, Carrie thought she would die.

After screaming, she attracted the attention of the other girls in the shower room, who were surprised to see that Carrie did not know she was menstruating; this led some of the girls to mock her and throw tampons at her. On realizing she got banned from going to the school prom, Chris plots a plan to ruin Carrie’s life.

Meanwhile, Carrie discovers she has telekinesis. On prom day, Chris exerts her revenge on Carrie by pouring pigs’ blood on her after rigging the king and queen vote. Everyone begins laughing at Carrie, and in a fit of rage, she kills off everyone.

Sue Snell

Susan D. Snell is a primary character in‘Carrie.’After hearing Carrie scream in the shower room, Sue joins Chris and the other girls to mock and throw tampons at Carrie. After the incident, Sue feels guilty for bullying Carrie and decides to atone by asking her boyfriend of six months, Tommy, to ask Carrie to prom. While at the school prom, Chris pours pigs’ blood on Carrie, and in a fit of rage and sadness, Carrie begins to kill everyone present.

After burning down the school, Carrie passes a telepathic message to everyone in Chamberlain, and Sue also hears before Carrie begins to destroy buildings in the town. Sue desperately starts looking for Carrie and soon finds her in a parking lot. Carrie tries to kill Sue but stops after seeing her thoughts. Sue watches as Carrie bleeds to death, but before she dies, Carrie forgives Sue.

Margaret White

Margaret White is Carrie’s mother. Described as a deluded, mentally abusive, and religiously fanatical mother, Margaret ensured that her daughter followed her religious beliefs. After Carrie came home from school and asked about menstruation, Margaret began quoting false scriptures saying menstruation was a sin. Though Margaret had a relatively normal childhood, she started getting over-religious after her father got killed in a gun battle. Soon, Margaret met Ralph white, and they got married.

After Ralph’s death, Margaret fully indulged in religion and dragged her daughter along with her. Many parts of the story of ‘Carrie’ indicated that Margaret was mentally deranged as she occasionally maimed herself. After Carrie killed everyone at her school prom, she returned home to Margaret, who believed she got possessed by the Devil. Margaret then revealed to Carrie that she got born from marital rape and that her powers were from hell. After a confrontation with Carrie, Margaret stabs her in the shoulder but gets killed.

Christine Hargensen

Chris is the main antagonist in‘Carrie.’She is the daughter of a lawyer John Hargensen, and her father’s wealth made her a terrible person who thrived on bullying other students. After getting banned from prom, Chris swears revenge on Carrie and begins plotting against her. After discovering that Carrie was going to the school prom with Tommy, Chris and her boyfriend plot the ultimate revenge by killing pigs and draining their blood into buckets.

On the school prom day, Chris uses her friends to ensure that the election for prom king and queen fell to Carrie and Tommy Ross; this made her plan successful as immediately Carrie climbed onto the stage, and Chris released the bucket of pigs’ blood on her. After everyone begins laughing at Carrie, Chris mistakenly releases the bucket and kills Tommy. After Carrie killed everyone locked in the school, she goes home and later comes out to find Chris on the road. Carrie sends Chris and her boyfriend, Billy, flying through a wall, killing them.

Tommy Ross

Thomas Everett Ross is Sue’s boyfriend. After feeling guilty for what she did to Carrie, Sue convinces Tommy to ask Carrie to prom. Tommy asks Carrie, and though she hesitates, she eventually agrees to go to the school prom with him. On prom day, Tommy and Carrie get voted as prom king and queen, and in a shocking turn of events, Chris pours pigs’ blood on Carrie. Shocked and perplexed, Tommy freezes, and in a moment of error, Chris releases the bucket, which falls and hits Tommy on the head. Tommy dies from blood loss.

Miss Desjardin

Rita Desjardin was a new gym teacher at Carrie’s school, and after Carrie drew attention to herself on getting her first period, Miss Desjardin helped her. On punishing the girls who bullied Carrie, Miss Desjardin pushes Chris to the wall, and after Chris refuses to partake in the punishment, Miss Desjardin bans her from prom. After Carrie kills most of her classmates and the people of Chamberlain, Miss Desjardin resigns from the school.

Ralph White

Ralph White is Margaret White’s husband and Carrie’s father. Ralph is a big olive-skinned man with flattop crewcut hair. After meeting Margaret at a crusade, Ralph falls in love with her, and soon they become lovers. However, Ralph and Margaret have premarital sex; this leads to a pregnancy. Believing she had gravely sinned, Margaret threw herself down the stairs, causing a miscarriage. Ralph and Margaret later get married, and one night when Ralph returns home drunk, he rapes Margaret. The rape results in another pregnancy, and while she was two months in, Ralph gets killed in an accident at work.

Billy Nolan

Billy Nolan is Chris’s boyfriend. After Chris swears revenge on Carrie, she employs the help of her boyfriend, who takes her to a pig farm where he kills the pigs and drains their blood in buckets. Billy then helps Chris set up the trap for Carrie. After releasing the bucket on Carrie, Billy and Chris escape the school and, on their way, they meet Carrie. Trying to overrun her, Carrie uses her telekinetic powers and drives the car into a wall, killing Billy and Chris.

Stella Horan

Estelle Stella Horan is Carrie’s neighbor who got called the Whore of Babylon by Margaret. Stella narrated her experience as Carrie’s neighbor and explained that she felt Carrie was getting tortured by her mother. Stella admitted that as a little girl, Carrie was beautiful, and there was a spark in her eyes, but all that faded as time went by. Stella also described how spooky Ralph was and how she and Margaret had an argument when she tried sunbathing. Stella also noted that speaking to Carrie made her realize that Carrie was misguided by her mother after calling her breast: dirty pillows.

John Hargensen

John Hargensen is Chris’s father and a lawyer who tries to ensure his daughter goes to prom. After Chris bullies Carrie and gets banned from attending prom, she brings her father to help her out, but on discovering it will put his daughter in a difficult position to go to college, John drops the idea of suing the school.

Other characters from the novel include Mr. Morton, Frieda Johnson, Norma Watson, and Mr. Quillan.


Is ‘Carrie‘ a true story??

Though‘Carrie’is a fictional horror novel, it got inspired by two girls Stephen King noticed when he was younger. One of the girls, according to Stephen King, came from a unique family because she had a mother who seemed to be addicted to games. Stephen King noticed that the girl wore the same dresses to school, and the one time she changed her clothes, she got bullied for daring to change.

Is Carrie White dead?

After she got stabbed by her mother, Carrie left her house and moved unto the road, where she met Chris and her boyfriend. After trying to run her over with their car, Carrie kills Chris and her boyfriend. Carrie walks further to a parking lot where she meets Sue and dies from excess blood loss.

What happens to Tommy in ‘Carrie?’

After Chris pours pigs’ blood on Carrie, she lets go of the lever holding the buckets, and one of the buckets falls on Tommy, knocking him unconscious. Tommy later dies from excess blood loss.

Who are the antagonists of ‘Carrie?’

There are many antagonists in‘Carrie.’Because she was different, Carrie got bullied by Chris and her gang. Also, Carrie’s mother was an antagonist in her life as she made Carrie weird and tried to kill her when she came home from the school prom.


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