Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (2024)

As a leading manufacturer of various amusem*nt rides, Beston provides a variety of Ferris wheels for sale, available in different sizes, styles, and designs. It is a popular attraction in amusem*nt parks, fairs, and festivals, which can be suitable for people of all age. What’s more, it can generate significant revenue for businesses that operate the ferris wheel. Besides, due to minimal maintenance, easy operation, high ROI and customization available, ferris wheel is widely recognized by investors as a great option for their park business. Check here to buy ferris wheel rides in Beston who is committed to safety, quality, and innovation.

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Popular Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheels to Buy

Are you looking to buy a high quality amusem*nt park ferris wheel ride with competitive price? If so, please feel free to contact Beston and we offer a wide range of park ferris wheels to suit different customers’ needs and preferences. Beston ferris wheel rides come in various sizes and styles, from small ferris wheel for fairs and festivals to massive permanent installations in theme parks and entertainment centers. Here are some popular types of ferris wheel from Beston Amusem*nt!

Technical Parameter for Beston Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel Height20M30M42M50M65M88M
Rotary Diameter/Meters1827.538456083
Running Time/Minutes578101316
Loading Containers/40OT2471319+1x40FR26+2x40FR

Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (4)
Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (5)
Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (6)
Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (7)
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Customized Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Small Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Ferris Wheel Videos:

Ferris wheels are a classic amusem*nt park ride that has been entertaining people for generations, which provide a unique experience of seeing the world from above. With its impressive height, capacity, and design, it is sure to be a popular and memorable ride for riders of all ages. What’s more. Beston ferris wheel rides are famous for our high quality, durability, and safety features, which is accepted by many investors. Here are some videos of Beston Ferris wheels for sale that you might enjoy:

Brief Introduction of Beston Ferris Wheel Rides

With their innovative design and cutting-edge technology, Beston Ferris wheel rides are a top choice for amusem*nt parks, carnivals, and other entertainment venues around the world. And it is sure to provide endless entertainment and excitement for riders of all ages. Here are some ferris wheel knowledge and the reaons why choose to buy ferris wheel rides from Beston!

Ferris Wheel Cabins

There are 4-person FRP cabin, 4-person aluminum alloy cabin, 6-person aluminum alloy cabin, 8-person spherical luxury cabin, and other customized cabins for customers to choose from. In addition, in order to ensure the comfort of the rider, ferris wheel cabins in Beston can be equipped with air containers that regulate the temperature inside. What’s more, customers should choose the cabins according their demans.

Decoration Design & Painting

In order to satisfy our customers’ various demands, Beston amusem*nt provides customization services for the exterior decoration design and painting of the Ferris Wheel. Moreover, the professional design team customizes the ferris wheel to ensure that the final product is both attractive and perfectly matched with the theme park’s aesthetic. For this reason, it can attract more visitors for their park investment and generating more income.

Key Components from Famous Brands

The key components for Beston ferris wheels are produced in their respective countries of origin, such as Germany, Japan, and European nations, which is world-renowned, and this can prolong the service life of the ferris wheel:

  • The motor used in the Ferris wheel is manufactured by SEW;
  • The ferris wheel bearings are made by NSK;
  • The electronics components are sourced from Schneider and ABB;
  • Tthe frequency converter is provided by Siemens.

Transmission Mode for Ferris Wheel

We adopt the hydraulic-driven transmission device, which use rubber wheels to drive a friction ring and thereby rotate the driven wheel. The system possesses qualities such as compact size, lightweight, simple maintenance, low energy consumption, affordable operation expenses, and high dependability.

Therefore, the ferris wheel ride in Beston can run smoothly, operate with minimal noise, offer comfortable riding, boast an appealing design, and exhibit reliable performance during use.

Multiple Safety Guarantees for Ferris Wheel

It is common knowledge that safety should always be a top priority when it comes to any type of amusem*nt rides, including Ferris wheels.

  • In order to guarantee the safety,the ferris wheels should be inspected on a regular basis by qualified professionals to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Ferris wheel operators should be properly trained to operate the ride safely and to respond to any emergency situations.
  • During high winds, thunderstorms, or other adverse weather conditions, it can make the ride unsafe, so ferris wheels should be shut down.
  • What’s more, Beston ferris wheel have safety restraints such as seat belts, lap bars, or other safety devices to keep riders secure while they are on the ride. Besides, there are emergency brakes that can be used in case of an emergency.

Ferris Wheel Lighting

The lights can be customized in Beston factory and they can be used to attract the attention of more passengers for park investment.

  • The decorative lights of feris wheel can be programmed to create different patterns, colors, and effects, which can create a stunning display that is visible from a distance. Especially, during the evening or nighttime, it can play an important role in enhancing the visual appeal of the ride. What’s more, ferris wheel lighting is often used as a way to attract visitors and create a festive atmosphere during events or special occasions.
  • In Beston, the observation wheels have double-sided lighting, which can switch between different company logos. During installation, it is important to note that each co*ckpit has a light source, and therefore, more than three conductive rings are required for over-powering.
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Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (19)
Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (20)

High ROI for A 65 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

The ROI (Return on Investment) of the amusem*nt rides would depend on different factors, such as the cost of purchasing, installation, maintenance and operation, the pricing strategy, the location, and the marketing and promotion efforts. Here is the ROI of a 65 meters ferris wheel investment in Qatar. If you want to obtain the accurate ROI sheet for a project or a specific, please feel free to contact us!

ROI Analysis of Beston 65 Meters Ferris Wheel
Land TypeAmusem*nt ParkRemarks
Equipment Investment/USD1,600,000
Average Playing Period/Minute1212 minutes per time
Customer Flow/week3,600
Land Rental Cost/USD0Own Land
Land Area/m21,680
Operation Cost/week302Electricity 0.2USD/Kw
Staff Cost/week3001 staff, 300USD/Month/Staff
Ticket Cost: 10USD
Working DaysWeekends
30 p/h*8h/d*5d*10USD150 p/h*8h/d*2d*10USD
12,00024,000Week Income
Week Icome-Week Cost
Week Profits
Week Profit*4*10(10 month per year)
Year Profits
Equipment Investment/Week Profits
Weeks to get Equipment Investment Back
Equipment Investment will be back in around 45 weeks
Weekends & HolidaysWeeks & Holidays: Around 120 days
Eid Al-Fitr Holiday: Around 9 days
Eid Al-Adha Holiday: Around 6 days
Passenger flow in 2023: 17,702,635

From the table, the estimated return time for investors is about 45 weeks, the monthly net income is about 141,588 USD and the annual net income: 1,415,904 USD.

Popular Occasions for Ferris Wheel Rides

As a popular and classic amusem*nt rides with a long history, Ferris wheels can also be a great addition to amusem*nt parks, carnivals and fairgrounds, festivals, leisure resort, indoor playgrounds, and a variety of occasions and other events. For example, a giant ferris wheel in amusem*nt parks can offer riders a more elevated and panoramic view, which are often used as landmarks and tourist attractions. So, where are you planning to invest in? Please feel free to contact Beston and there is sure to be a ride option that meets your needs and preferences.

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Amusem*nt Parks

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (22)


Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (23)


Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (24)

Suburban Park

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (25)

Fun Fair

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (26)

City Park

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (27)

Children's Park

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (28)

Leisure Resort

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (29)

Theme Parks

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (30)

Indoor Fun Center

Why Choose to Invest in Ferris Wheels?

Ferris wheels have an iconic appeal and are suitable for visitors of all ages, making them a family-friendly attraction that can provide various advantages for investors. Therefore, whether your goal is to improve your amusem*nt park or event, or you’re seeking a long-term investment opportunity, a Ferris wheel can prove to be a valuable addition to your business. Here are some reasons why investing in a Ferris wheel can be a good choice:

High profitability

As a popular and iconic amusem*nt park rides, ferris wheels can be highly profitable attractions, drawing in a large number of visitors and generating significant revenue for investors.

Attract More Visitors

Ferris wheels are recognized for providing a distinctive and unforgettable ride experience, which can aid in drawing visitors to investors’ amusem*nt park, carnival, or other entertainment venue.

Low maintenance costs

Compared to other rides in amusem*nt parks, Ferris wheels require less upkeep and repairs, which can help reduce overall maintenance costs and increase profits.

Wide Applications

Ferris wheels have versatile applications and are suitable for amusem*nt parks, fairs, festivals, and other events. Moreover, it can also be customized to fit different themes and settings, which enhances their versatility.

Long lifespan

Ferris wheels are created with durability in mind, which presents a long-term investment opportunity. Additionally, they can be engineered to withstand severe weather conditions, and are an excellent option for outdoor attractions.

Spectacular Views

The slow and steady rotation of ferris wheels offer riders a unique and stunning view of their surroundings, such as the skyline of a city, a scenic landscape, or the bustling activity of an amusem*nt park.

Iconic appeal

Ferris wheels have an iconic charm and are easily recognizable in amusem*nt and theme parks, which have resulted in them being a favored attraction among individuals of all age groups.


Ferris wheel rides are a popular attraction suitable for tourists of all ages, making them a family-friendly option for wise invesots, which can provide a distinctive and unforgettable experience for all.

Large Capacity

Ferris wheels have a high capacity and can hold more tourists at a time, allowing a large number of riders to enjoy the attraction simultaneously, resulting in shorter waiting times.

Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (31)
Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (32)

How Much Does A Ferris Wheel Cost?

Are you looking for to purchase a ferris wheel ride for your park business? Do you know the cost to buy a ferris wheel? Here, Beston amusem*nt will analyze some main factors that affects the ferris wheel cost or price. In general, the cost of ferris wheels can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the size and height of the wheel ride, the manufacturer, the materials used in construction, and the design and theme of the wheel.

  • First and foremost, ferris wheel size or height has a great impact on this amusem*nt rides cost. In general, there are small and giant observation wheel in Beston, which have a different capacity and their own features. Compared with the small ferris wheel for kids with a lower capacity and height, large ferris wheels can accommodate more riders and are the most impressive, offering stunning views from high up in the air.
  • Another key factor is the materials used in the construction of a ferris wheel. There are three common materials for ferris wheels, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.Each material has its own unique properties or advantages. For example, due to the durability and strength, steel is commonly used in the production of ferris wheel. On the other hand, we choose the aluminum and fiberglass because of the lighter weight and lower maintenance costs
  • In addition, the overall design and theme can also be a significant factor in determining the ferris wheel cost.
  • Finally, the design and theme of the ferris wheel can also impact the cost. Classic ferris wheels offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic, while customized ferris wheels can be tailored to fit a specific brand or event. Themed ferris wheels, on the other hand, offer a unique and immersive experience with decorations and lights that create a particular atmosphere.

Overall, the cost of a ferris wheel is determined by a combination of these factors, making each ferris wheel a unique and awe-inspiring attraction. Except for the common ferris wheel, Beston customized ferris wheels offer greater design flexibility and can be tailored to specific themes or locations.

Beston Amusem*nt – Professional Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Beston amusem*nt is a leading and professional manufacturer of amusem*nt rides, including the high-quality Ferris wheels. With years of experience in the amusem*nt rides industry, we have gained a high reputation for our innovative designs, excellent craftsmanship, and commitment to safety.

  • As a professional Ferris wheel manufacturer, Beston customizes, produced and provides various Ferris wheels in different sizes, from small ferris wheel suitable for kids to giant ferris wheel that can accommodate more passengers at a time. That is to say, we Beston understand that every customer has their unique needs and preferences, so we customize and provide the specific solution according to their demands.
  • During the production of ferris wheel, Beston utilizes the high-quality materials, including steel and aluminum from well-known domestic manufacturers, which are durable and resistant to wear and tear, rust, and other weather elements.
  • In addition, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to produce our amusem*nt equipment. And it can guarantee that our amusem*nt rides conform to the most stringent quality standards and are secure for riders.
  • In order to ensure the safety of riders. Beston ferris wheels are equipped with advanced safety features, such as seat belts, emergency brakes, and safety bars. Moreover, our ferris wheel rides are are designed to meet all global safety standards and regulations, which makes them well-suited for use in different types of entertainment venues, such as amusem*nt parks, theme parks, leisure resort, city parks, indoor fun centers, and so on.
  • Besides, because we are committed to providing excellent customer service, most of our them are satisfied with our high products and excellent services. At Beston, our team of professionals is readily accessible to provide tailored recommendations and assistance to our customers, covering product selection to installation and maintenance.

To sum up, if you need a trustworthy and proficient Ferris wheel manufacturer, Beston is the ideal option. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we will be happy to help you provide your guests with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

FAQ for Ferris Wheel Ride

Q: What’s the environment requirement for ferris wheel?

  1. The power supply voltage required for ferris wheel is 380V and 50Hz.
  2. If the power supply voltage fluctuates beyond ±10% of the rated value, the ferris wheel ride should not operate until the voltage returns to normal.
  3. Ferris wheel ride must not be installed within the high-voltage transmission line rack channel.
  4. It is forbidden to operate the ferris wheel during rain, snow, hail, fog, or other inclement weather conditions with wind speeds greater than 15m/s.
  5. Ferris wheels are designed to operate in environments with temperatures between -10°C to 35°C, relative humidity less than 85%, and an altitude less than 2000m above sea level.
  6. Ferris wheel must be installed at a safe distance of at least 500mm from surrounding obstacles.
  7. The service life of ferris wheels is 8 years, assuming it is operated for 300 days per year and 8 hours per day.

Q: What is the height of a ferris wheel in Beston?

There are kiddie ferris wheel and giant ferris wheel in Beston. As for the mini ferris wheel with different themes and capacities, the height can be 5 meters, 5.5 meters or 6 meters. However, the giant ferris wheels in Beston factory can ranging from 20 meters to 120 meters. What’s more the popular ferris wheel ride in Beston is 20M, 30M, 42M, 46M, 50M and 65M, which sells well around the world.

Q: How many riders can a ferris wheel accommodate?

The number of riders a Ferris wheel can accommodate depends on the specific design and size of the ride. For example, a small ferris wheel can accommodate a few people at a time, but a large ferris wheel can hold hundreds of riders. Please choose a suitable ferris wheel according to your site area, budget, and demands.

Q: What kind of materials are used to build a ferris wheel?

Most manufacturers use the steel and other materials to construct the ferris wheel, such as aluminum and fiberglass.

  • The main support structure of the ferris wheel is usually made of steel, which provides the necessary strength and rigidity to hold up the weight of the entire ride.
  • The ferris wheel gondolas for passengers to ride in are usually made of fiberglass, which is lightweight and durable.
  • Other components, such as the motor, gears, and electrical components, are also typically made of steel and other metals.

Q: Can a ferris wheel be customized to fit a specific theme or design?

Yes, the customization for ferris wheel is available in Beston. As a professional ferris wheel manufacturer, Beston customize the ferris wheel ride to fit a specific theme or design. According to our customers’ demands, our ferris wheel can be customized to feature special lighting effects, interactive displays, and even incorporate multimedia elements such as video screens and music. But the customization options for all amusem*nt rides are based on safety, stability, and load capacity.

Q: Can a ferris wheel be operated in extreme weather conditions?

The answer is NO.
Beston, as a leading ferris wheel manufacturer, designs the ferris wheel rides to withstand certain weather conditions, such as moderate rain, wind, and snowfall. However, it should be to be shut down in advance to prevent any potential risks during heavy rain, high winds, or other severe weather conditions.

Q: How do I choose the right size of ferris wheel for my business?

It is a challenging task to choose the right size of ferris wheel for your business. And when purchasing the ferris wheels, there are some factors needing to take into account. That is to say, choosing the right size of ferris wheel for your business requires careful consideration of available space, budget, target audience, and overall aesthetics.

Choose Other Amusem*nt Rides to Start Park Projects

If you’re planning to start your own amusem*nt park project, choosing the right amusem*nt rides is crucial to its success. By selecting a diverse range of amusem*nt rides, you can ensure that your park offers something for everyone. In Beston, from thrilling roller coasters, chair swing rides, top spin rides, drop tower rides, to family-friendly attractions, such as carousel rides, trackless trains, small roller coasters, there are different types of amusem*nt equipment to satisfy your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a profitable project solution with the right mix of park rides, which is key to creating an unforgettable amusem*nt park experience.

    Amusem*nt Park Ferris Wheel for Sale - Giant Observation Wheel (2024)


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